The Edument team contains multiple developers who have been involved in Perl 6 language design and implementation. This background enables us to deliver deep and accurate Perl 6 education. We also have decades of collective Perl 5 experience.

Looking to grow your skills in different areas of software development? We've got passionate experts in plenty of other technologies too.

Our Perl courses

Perl 6 for Programmers

This fast-paced course is aimed at programmers who wish to add Perl 6 to their toolbox. The 2-day course covers the essentials needed to get productive with Perl 6.

  • Language fundamentals
  • Writing tests
  • Object orientation
  • Creating and consuming modules
  • Parsing with grammars
  • Basic parallelism and concurrency
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Intermediate Perl 5

For those with an understanding of the Perl basics, who want to take their knowledge of the language, its tools, and its community several steps further. It covers:

  • A range of essential language features
  • CPAN, and various must-know modules
  • Object orientation
  • Testing
  • Parsing and matching
  • Useful tools
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A selection of our other courses

Git Introduction and Advanced

Learn Git from those who are using it every day. Our one-day introduction course covers the essentials. For those who already have some Git skills, but want to work with greater confidence and get more out of Git, our two-day advanced course looks at how Git works, covers a wider range of its features, and considers different workflows.

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To be a good C++ programmer, you not only need knowledge of the language. You also need to know how the hardware you will execute your programs on to benefit from the capabilities of the platform. We have the courses you need for expanding your knowledge in the C++ domain, delivered by experts with deep C++ experience.

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Web Development

Get a solid grounding in JavaScript with the Edument JavaScript Foundation course. Learn how to use React.js to build rich user interfaces in a functional style. Want more types in your JavaScript life? We offer TypeScript training too. Do it in style with our CSS courses, and check out our Web Security class to help make sure it all stays safe.

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