From a helping hand with a challenging problem through to full concept and product development, the Edument team are ready to assist.

We not only offer our experience and expertise in a wide range of technologies and problem domains. Mentorship is part of our DNA. Our aim is to not only deliver solutions, but to leave every team we work with in a better place going forward.

When it comes to Perl 6, we can do it all

True full-stack support

Edument offer you an unmatched level of Perl 6 expertise. Our team includes individuals who have contributed extensively to the Perl 6 language design and implementation. We know it from top to bottom, and can dive as deep as needed to solve your Perl 6 related problems.

Cro support and feature bounties

Edument developers designed and built Cro, a set of Perl 6 libraries for building web services and distributed systems. We have already taken on multiple projects to provide customers with features they missed in their projects, and can provide Cro support and consulting services.

Application and module development

Need a Perl 6 module building? Perhaps you have a service and want to make it more accessible to Perl 6 developers. Or perhaps you are using Perl 6 and miss something, but don't have time to build it yourself. We have experience building elegant Perl 6 APIs, and can help.

And yet we can do much more than Perl 6

Compilers and developer tooling

We have experience in programming language design, together with compiler and runtime implementation. As the developers of Comma, we can also deliver projects based on the IDEA platform, along with other developer tooling. We also have experience doing API reviews for SDKs.

Perl 5, C++, JavaScript, .Net...

Our polyglot team are ready to take on projects and provide consulting services for a wide range of languages and technologies. Whether you need a few hours troubleshooting help, a few days design and code review, or high-quality outsourcing of product development, we can help.

Knowledge transfer

Most of our developers also teach. This means we can not only deliver solutions, but also provide a clear and structured explanation of them. This means your team are empowered to carry them forward. We can also provide mentoring and custom workshops, to help teams grow together.

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